If you’re dying to send me a care package or just a little something extra, I put this wishlist up so that you can see what I’m always in need or want of from the United States:

  • Seeds! The more interesting, the better. I can get the basics here in Paraguay, but I’d love to be able to grow different varieties of lettuce/tomato/etc. and I’d love heirloom varieties. I’d love different peppers, especially hot varieties. Different leafy veggies are great too (chard, kale, etc). I’ll take veggies, herbs, even flowers if you want. Think outside the box and I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever you send me.
  • Granola bars, and other Clif bar type items. I haven’t seen a single one here.
  • Journals. I’ve been journaling a lot to organize my thoughts and can always use a new one! I love Moleskine brand, unlined.
  • Books, I go through books like nobody’s business. I’ll read any work of fiction, but if you find cool resources about gardening, forestry, biodiversity, or the Peace Corps that you think I’d love, I will most likely, in fact, love them.
  • If you have recipes you think I’d enjoy and could easily complete in a small shack in rural Paraguay, I’d love ’em! (I can pretty much find any ingredient here, just don’t get too fancy on me)
  • Movies, music, TV shows on a flashdrive. This is the gift that would make any PCV cry tears of joy.
  • Good chocolate or M&Ms (any kind). These are the only candy I crave.
  • Photos or postcards!
  • Coffee. Always coffee. Whole bean is preferable, I’ve got my own grinder.
  • Soap. I’ve slightly found a weird obsession with handmade soap. Plus, I go through soap like crazy.
  • Hot sauce. Any kind.
  • Nuts. They’re so expensive here. I’d love almonds, walnuts, pecans, whatever. Plain or salted/spiced.
  • Jerky. Love me some teriyaki.
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese. I just graduated college and I still love it.
  • Peanut butter. Enough said.
  • If you include a card, I love more interesting cards with cool artwork or cards that are handmade, than a standard greeting card. What you write inside is more important to me than a hallmark greeting!

I’m sure this list will progress the further I get into my service, but thank you so much for your interest in what I’d love to receive. My addresses are under the About tab and you can send things to both! Thanks!



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