Guarani is an amazing language rooted in nature. Paraguay is officially bilingual in both Spanish and Guaraní and you’ll even hear a mix of the two called Jopara. My community speaks mainly Guaraní and I use a lot of Guaraní in my posts, so here’s a dictionary of words I use to help you out! (Y is pronounced with a guttural “uhh” and letters with tilde (â or ã) above them are pronounced nasally rather than orally).

Añatepa?- Seriously?

Ama- rain

Ara- day

Chara- disaster/mess

Che- me/I/my

Guazu- grand/big

Guy- under/beneath

Haku- it’s hot

Hecha- to see

Hendu- to hear

Ho’ysa- it’s cold

Huga- to play

Ikatu- maybe/ to be able to

Ita- rock

Jagua- dog

Jagua rete- Jaguar

Jagua rete’i- Ocelot

Jeroky- to dance

Jerure- to beg/ask for

Jey- again

Jopara- mix

Ka’a- Yerba Mate

Kai- monkey

Karai- Señor

Karu- to eat

Ka’u- to get drunk

Kay’u- to drink mate

Kyra- fat

Mba’apo- to work

Mba’eichapa?- How are you?

Mba’eteko?- How’s it going?

Mombe’u- to tell

Mongaru– to feed

Ndaipori- there isn’t 

Ndaipori apuro- “no hurry!”

Nde- you/your

Nde Rakore!- a phrase that literally means “your genitals”. Said when something funny or cool or surprising is said.

Ña- Señora

Ñande- Us/We/Our

Ñaña- bad

Ñoty- to plant

Oga- house

Osoro- broken

Peve- until

Pora- ghost

Porâ- good/pleasing/beautiful

Pytyvô- to help

Sy- mother

Syi- slippery

Tahyi- ant

Tekoha- environment/nature

Teju- Lizard

Tenda- place

Tetã- country/land

Tû- sand flea

Tua- father

Tuju- mud

Uso- worm

Va’i- ugly

Verá- bright

Vy’a- to be happy

Y- water

Ysyry- river

Yvy- soil

Yvyra mata- tree

Yvyty- wind


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