Ajerure- I ask. I request. I beg. This is shameless begging.

A lot of work we do in Peace Corps is entirely community-level. We do grassroots work and because we try to be completely sustainable, we encourage the use of already available resources. I teach in schools using resources provided to me during training or what the school has available. I team up with Paraguayan NGOs to work in my community, provide my community with the means to develop sustainably, and continue the cycle of Paraguayans teaching Paraguayans. I ask municipalities and governmental organizations for funds to better the community and usually they give in, either out of the goodness of their hearts or to buy some votes. We scrap together what we can and we show Paraguayans that they have the power to use what’s already available to improve their lives and create a more sustainable Paraguay.

And yet… Sometimes things don’t work out.

I asked the municipality. I looked for NGO funding. I tried looking for freebies. Squat. So here I am, doinh what my boss says is the last resort. I need your help.

My community relies heavily on their home gardens as the only source of vegetables. But materials and garden infrastructure aren’t readily available or cheap. So most families have haphazardly thrown together fences of bamboo or old boards or sticks, all of which rot or fall down easily, providing access to cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, guinea fowl, and your odd turkey to come in and gobble up all the veggies. I would like to give my community something they can’t afford, but they desperately need in order to protect their veggies and improve their diets: nice, quality, chain link fencing. But there’s a catch. They know that nothing is free in this wonderful world, so if they want fencing, they’ve got to learn and work for it. And boy do they want fencing. So I’m teaching a set of organic gardening classes at the school garden and attendance is mandatory. This is how Peace Corps Partnership Program grants work. The community must contribute, must learn, must work, but by means of fundraising, we’re able to complete the project.

Enter the shameless beggar, asking for donations of any amount. Anything will help! All you’ve got to do is follow the instructions on my Project Page. You can read more about the project and help out to make sure that my awesome community can keep gardening and improve their gardening practices!

Thank you in advance!



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