Ikatu Cheipytyvõ?

Ikatu Cheipytyvõ?- Can you help me?

Oga Ita, Itapua, Paraguay

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a favor to ask. One of my projects here in Paraguay is Paraguay Verde VI, an annual, national, environmental youth camp for which I am honored to be Principal Coordinater. It’s an amazing camp that I was able to attend in February, and my peers and I are hoping to put on an equally amazing, if not more so, camp this upcoming summer. However, money doesn’t come easily in this country, and I humbly ask you to click on the link and consider donating to our camp. We empower youth to be environmental leaders and change the world, one small community at a time, and if that’s not a worthy cause to donate to, I don’t know what is. Thank you!




At least if teens are forced to act stupid, they get to do it together

Rodrigo, a member of Ruchi's youth group in Trinidad, learning to make an Eco Bench and impressing the ladies at the same time


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