Sosã Ara

Sosã- Independence. Ara- Day.

Óga Ita, Ita Verá, Itapúa

Today is a day for celebration. Not just because of American Independence, but mainly because my least favorite cow got its head chopped off this morning and is now hanging around the house in various cuts of meat. There’s a heart above the window, an intestine by the door, a very large rib cage in the dining room, shanks and mondongo (stomach) in a puchero (stew) that we ate this morning, and the head is roasting away in a pit. Chara came over (along with practically every member of my community) this morning to partake in the festivities, although she was comically forced to eat alone as the guest of honor while I ate out of a communal bowl with ten other men. At least she got to throw the mondongo out the window while no one was looking. It’s been a joyful, if not strange Fourth of July. I’m as happy right now just looking at the cow’s large intestine hanging next to the door as I would be at a fireworks display. I have never had an arch-nemesis until I met this cow. She broke down my fence countless times, tried to eat my hammock, got into my garden, has come into my house, eaten pages from a book, and generally just enjoyed pooping on my patio. Ding dong. The witch is dead. And she made a pretty tasty puchero. God Bless America.

The butchering. Lalo (right) is too excited for puchero

The butchering. Lalo (right) is too excited for puchero

Bless her little heart

Bless her little heart


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